Daisy Decals

Talking to my granddaughter ( she’s 19) 36291_280642505381077_1436724380_n

… about my first car…

Actually talking about the McDonald’s (Restaurant) 200px-McDonald's_Golden_Arches_svg Decal “Daisys”il_570xN_482097015_4jc6

that they gave away in the 1960’s… that were put on your car’s body… windows or bumpers…

I proudly placed mine on the front fender…


Did I not think that,  “I was all that!:…

I was growing up in the beginning of the Hippie DaysViet Nam… long hair… bell bottomsk1684200tie dye k5169567 … 

My dad bought my first push button Rambler car  220px-1958_Rambler_sedan_pink_and_white_NJafter I got my first job at the Telephone Co. … I had just graduated from High School…

I was elated until I had to replace the transmission    k9334537

but, it served me and my soldier husband well until we bought our first new car…

This was when he returned from Viet Nam k8515794

We then bought a Chevrolet NOVAGold with Rally Wheelsd5590f4bcf_640b35480f08a_640

and NO!…

it was not decaled with daisys… il_570xN_482097013_jthz


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5 thoughts on “Daisy Decals

  1. Being an Army Brat I traveled all over. When we were stationed in Germany my Dad decided he was going to retire 6 months early so I could start High School in the States. He retired at Ft. Hood Texas and we ended up living in Farmington,New Mexico. I remember the good old days of bellbottoms and crazy things. I wish we had those days back again because for me like was better then.

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