Finish This: Week #14


1. On Saturday morning, I usually…

do nothing productive until almost NOON!… It’s my day to chill… read my blogging friends work… write my own blog… enjoy my coffee and then breakfast with my Bobby in front of the TV… and then finally get out of my pajamas… k15146871

2. I feel beautiful when…

my hair does just right… and when my Bobby gives me that extra special hug for nothing…u17194001
3. I wake up every morning…

at 6:00am… like I was an alarm clock

I go to bathroom… wash my face… brush my teeth… run a comb through my hair… head for the coffee pot to make that special first cup… say hi to both of my girls (cats)… and then just chill in front of my computer… before anyone else wakes up… I love alone time in the morning!… vga0001
4. A happy home…

is a home with lots of LOVE!… fun times… and special people! k14767098


5. When I have down time, I…

I love to be home“piddling”… is what I call it… No certain time to do anything… Just do whatever comes up! u18065882




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7 thoughts on “Finish This: Week #14

  1. I also love to be up early in the morning, and my quiet time with my coffee is priceless! And I love to putter around the house, just like you describe! Kindred spirits! ~ Sheila

  2. I to like Saturdays. Even though I still set the alarm I get up and today I read my horoscope in the paper and it said what I had planned for today. To work at some tasks that take a few minutes and you get things done. So far I have gone through paper piles on my desk and cleaned them up. Still more to go after lunch. I need to remember a cute saying. OHIO Only Handle It Once.

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