Finish This: Week 16



My favorite makeup item is … foundation I guess… I have less than perfect skin… so I use a little each day… to make me feel better… But, so love eye makeup when done right…k6048998
The best book I’ve ever read was ____ because … Wuthering Heights… A love story… a brooding character… and a young innocence…


When I read it I was in my teens and it dealt with all of my emotions at that time…
My favorite TV show is … I know you’ll think I’m crazy… but, “The Walking Dead” series has such wonderful characters… Can’t wait for it to come back on… In the meantime… almost all CSI series and Law and Order SVU series… detectives and mysteries…the_walking_dead-show
The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done is … When I talk to strangers about subjects that I was not intending to… They seem drawn to me… and I just seem to have the words to talk to them…

I prefer DOGS/CATS because … It would have to be cats… I loved my dog named “Sugar” but, when I had to have her put to sleep after 16 years… I have not had a dog since…

I love my old girl Jill… she is now 14 years old… but, I adopted Kit Kit this year as a young kitten… I wanted her immediately when I saw her… Also with Jill getting up in age… I will already have Kit Kit to help get over the loss of Jill when it happens…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I met my significant other … at the Kentucky State Fair… He was in the Army stationed at Fort Knox… from Macon, GA… knew him 6 months… got married… he left for Viet Nam… He returned… and we try never to be apart … Only a day or two at the most!… Have been married for 45 years!



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4 thoughts on “Finish This: Week 16

  1. Very nice, Marilyn . . . I always like the picture of your cats. The military photo of your husband is awesome! Tell him I said, “Thanks for serving our country.” My husband is retired career Air Force. He also served during Viet Nam.

  2. Well another week is over, I was able to get to Walmart and had fun spending too much money because my neighbor picked me up. Then on Thursday we had a Derby party at Sun Valley Community Center. It gave me a chance to dress up. I used my scarfs to decorate my cowboy hat for the hat contest. Then Friday I had to “Rob Peter to pay Paul” again to help my daughter this time.

    I did enjoy watching the Balloon Glow on TV. Also this beautiful spring weather. I also learned that I can no longer leave my storm door open when I go out to get my paper because Fluffy my cat wandered down to my flower bed Weeds and trees to sniff around. Usually she just goes out on the deck So I no longer can trust her.

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