Leftover Bread Started It All!

I had several pieces of different kinds of bread left in the Bread Box… k14208446

Some seeded wheat bread,  hamburger buns, hot dog buns

I never use all 8 buns… that comes in a package  0005040015650_180X180 … Usually just 6…

So… since they were fresh and I didn’t want to throw them out to the birds…

I decided to make some open face sandwiches that my Dad loved… Mom originally made them and I have now taken to making them for my family…

Simple… the way I like it!…

You will need…


Bread… I usually make two for each of us and maybe two more for later… so for the 3 of us I use 8 pieces…


Sliced tomatoes... If large… one slice per piece of bread… if medium… two slices…


Cooked Bacon… I use the Ready Crisp Bacon that you microwave… Whatever you prefer… At least two pieces k3930734 per sandwich…


Slices of Sweet Onion… as much as you like… or none at all… but, I love onion!…


Sliced Cheese… one per sandwich… or if all you have is grated… it will work…

I actually prefer American or even Velveeta

Lay bread on cookie sheet

Add bacon, tomato, onion and then cheese…


Brown in oven 350 degrees…. until cheese browns and melts…

So easy… so good!

As I said they are open-faced…

My husband folds his in half for a top… That’s just his way!…

I ended up with 8 sandwiches… using my leftover bread!


Melted and browned right out of the oven!






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10 thoughts on “Leftover Bread Started It All!

  1. I’ll be right over for lunch or dinner. These little sandwiches look very tasty!! Hope all is well with you and your family. I’m packing up the rest of my stuff from the DTP tomorrow. It’s sad, but they’re closing down next week. We will miss it there and all the people. We’re now in the Derby City Antique Mall on Bardstown Road. Talk again real soon!!

  2. We used to do open face cheese toasts in the oven, but never added the veggies or bacon. Fun! And open face is good…half the bread, half the carbs, and you get to see what you’re eating! ~ Sheila

  3. Looks yummy. Do you think we are the last generation to try to use up what we have instead of just throwing stuff away? Sometimes I remind myself of my dad in the way he saved things just in case he could use it. And often I do find a use for it. Peggy

    Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 21:47:06 +0000 To: wright_peggy@hotmail.com

  4. I agree and it is such a shame to not find a way to use leftovers. Also it does not take a large amount of work to use up leftovers and that makes it better than to let good food go to waste. Besides your ideas always turn out to be great ideas for others to use.

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