Robin’s Egg Blue

A beautiful day!… Everyone is outside… working in their yards…

Some digging and planting flowers  bul0276 … another making her flowerbed k12091828 … and with Bobby finishing with the grass cutting yesterday… I washed everything down with the water hose u19187585 

My little Cuban neighbor… came over and said, “I know you are happy… being barefoot  k13775730 and playing in the water!”… and she was so right!… having already learned some of my habits!

I had been to the thrift store saf0021 with my son… “fellow collectors”…

He found a brand new frame for his autographed record album… and I found a summer necklace… a jewelery holder… and the cutest little oil lamp


I use to collect this Blue Pattern… and I am still drawn to unique pieces

I will hang it in my kitchen when I get the right hook…

After we returned… as I said… neighbors were out… and my other little neighbor and I walked back to see where a Robin had built a nest…

My Kit Kit OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA had been playing games with “Momma Robin”… Kit Kit jumping up and the Robin swooping down on her…

Now, I know definitely… WHY!…

Momma Robin k14847476 has made her nest in a Wisteria Vine that climbs all over the fence…


Aren’t these eggs the prettiest blue you have ever seen???

140502_003 140502_002

We made sure not to touch… and not to disturb… the nest…

Let’s hope Kit Kit does the same!

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7 thoughts on “Robin’s Egg Blue

  1. What a very satisfying day – good finds at the Thrift store and those absolutely beautiful eggs. I’d love to see eggs in a nest like that. I tried to photograph inside our bird house yesterday but it was too dark. Fabulous photo. :)

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