Kentucky Story





I decided to enter this short story contest…

Renfro Valley in Mount Vernon, KY came to mind…

It had to be about a place in Kentucky you had a memory of… or a place you would like to visit…

This is what you can win…

  • 3 nights and 4 days in Berea or Paducah KY
  • A private lesson with a master artist of your choice (click herehere for information on the master artists)
  • $250 shopping gift card
  • $150 for dining at our award-winning restaurants
  • $250 gift card for travel

Sounded good to me!


“My Memory of Renfro Valley”

By: Marilyn Griffin


All I can remember of Renfro Valley was from a photo that was taken of me in front of the theater, looking like a barn to me.


I was probably 3-4 years old.

I have since learned that Renfro Valley began in 1939, about thirteen years before I was born.

I was dressed in my little pink dress and black patent leather shoes.

I remember being with my Mom, Dad, sisters and one of Dad’s friends he had served with in the Navy.

It was a very warm day and we walked around looking at various buildings and people.

At times I was carried by my Dad.


Besides it being dusty in the parking lot and wanting something to drink, I was not all that interested, until I heard music coming from the front of one of the buildings.

A man was sitting on a stool, playing country songs on a fiddle.

He made an impression on me, in that he was a black-skinned man and very old!

Remember, I was only three and my view of the world was very small.

Dad asked me if I wanted to shake hands with him.

I remember doing so, because I already had been implanted with good manners and being kind to strangers.

After shaking hands, I looked down at my hand.

I remember my Mom laughing quietly and saying to my Dad,

“She looked at her hand to see if it was dirty. She evidently thought the old man was dirty because of his skin color and was wondering if it rubbed off”.

That stuck with me for all of this time.

When people are not exposed to different kinds people and places, we have perceptions that are not always true.

A little mind, sticking this tidbit away… and now remembered as I write this story!

mkg renfro valleymkg renfro valley 2




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2 thoughts on “Kentucky Story

  1. You are lucky to have grown up here in Louisville. That way you have many childhood friends and also you were able to watch Louisville change. I hope your story is a winner.

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