First Sight
Tell us about someone or something you connected with immediately…

Connected to immediately…

My husband… 121019_049

My two sons when they were born…Doug and Brian…


My 3 Grandchildren when they were born…Taylor, Kennedy and Carson…


Cats named Jill & Kit Kit… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Blogging friend and brother… alvinme-nov-2012

Tybee Island and Savannah GA160px-Tybee-island-sunrise-ga1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and so many more!…

This shows me that I connect easily and immediately with things, places, pets and people…

Is that a good or bad thing???

I think GOOD!



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7 thoughts on “First Sight

  1. I just love looking at your family photos!!!! They always make me feel closer to you. I was smiling as I saw Al and me in there!!! hugs my friend

  2. I love contacting with you because you are a special friend who always has time to listen to me or help me out. I love looking at your family photos. My family takes pictures. however, I never see them.

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