Finish This #18


1. I feel an adrenaline rush when … I do things unexpectedly!… I want to go zip-lining when on vacation… I’m sure I will have some adrenaline pumping then!dsc_6986-1021
2. I feel energized when … I’m doing things I enjoy… I love giving talks to groups… (You would have never known that

when I was a teenager!)… or when having to plan an event… Another thing I love to do!

3. I feel small when … When I feel inadequate… not having knowledge of a situation I might be in… The unknown! k15326404
4. I feel big when … I put on my bathing suit!… I see and feel those extra pounds from winter hibernating!   k14134280
5. I feel indestructible when … I’m determined that I am right about a subject!…vga0005
6. I feel stupid when … People with more knowledge expound on subjects I know nothing about!     Dunce
7. I feel smart when … I figure something out for myself… and then do it!k5166716


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