Mission Accomplished!

I came to work as usual… greeting my seniors from the Adult Day Program at the YMCAk0664890

Just love my job!… k15396276

I’m greeted with such warmth!… and I see so much caring from these individuals…

How was I blessed so much… with this job… because it’s NOT work… It’s a pleasure!

I watch as one of our little guys greets each person in the room from his wheelchair… Unable to say many words… but, we know what he expresses… and see the love he gives… most of the time wearing a toboggan… even on warm days…


He tries to confiscate a “goodie” every morning to put in his pocket…

and later during the day… he hands out this treasure to an unexpected person in the room…

Today…  Judy was the recipient 140314_007

and she was so gracious in her acceptance of the “cereal bar”… 12992470_201307191112

He asked me to open it for her… and passed it back to her to eat… She did and let him know how delicious and tasty it was!…

A smile appears on his face!…

His mission accomplished!…

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