Finish This #22


1. I conquer fear … usually by meeting it head onk9327103

I haven’t been afraid too many times… but, putting my Faith in God’s Hands… works wonders!

2. I follow my heart … all of the time… sometimes getting hurt in the process… k4800443

My heart to me is the same feelings I feel in “my gut”…

if it seems right do it!… if I have doubts… probably need to stay away!

3. I feed my soul by … listening to that still soft voice of my God… k9928804 keeping company with people I feel I can trust… and giving love… In turn I get it back… feeding my soul!

4. I used to worry about ____ but then I …

How people would accept mek16317802

I then decided through watching others and listening… that I was just as good as anyone else… and the people who cared about me… were also the ones who accept me for ME!… so no need to worry!

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13 thoughts on “Finish This #22

  1. Your lovely words always gets right to the heart. As I read this it really touched me as all your blogs do. I even reads one of the related articles. You are the Queen when it comes to thought. You always seen to know what to say and when to say it.

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