Vacation Ready!

Leaving in three days for vacation… Ok… now two… SUNDAY!

Have thought and talked about it for so long… can’t believe it is time to go!

Only one downfall so far… hear it might rain a little k14672392 … I want to say,

Don’t Rain On My Parade!”

but, Mother Nature will have her way…

I’ll just take one day at a time… and with the crew who is going with us… we will make a cloudy day… SUNNY!…

Gatlinburg TN is our destination…

Meeting up with a cousin/husband, sister, sister-in-law, Bobby and myself…

A new experience for all!… being together on a vacation…

and we are all so excited!…

I think we are all ready for a get away to somewhere… to relax… unwind… with some new and different sites!

Tentative plans(You know all this is subject to change) …



Zip Lining



Roller Coasters



Eating Out/Drinking

Casino ( Cherokee NC – Harrah’s )






Game Night at the Cabin


Hot Tub Time


Moonshine and Music


and whatever else comes along…

FUN in the SUN I hope!




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6 thoughts on “Vacation Ready!

  1. You are so lucky to be going vacation. Looks like you will have a lot of fun. My vacations with my husband and kids was to see his family and it was a long 24 hour drive from Southern California to Northern Washington.

    Now the vacations I really loved were the ones I took as a kid with my family. My Dad was in the Army and when we were in Germany for 4 years we traveled each summer and saw lots of Europe. The one advantage of being an Military Brat.

  2. sounds like so much fun – at first i thought you wrote, Moonshine and Wine but, ha-aha, it’s music you meant. cheers!! 🙂

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