Finish This #24


1. I could spend all day … on the computer… writing… reading… looking up things… doing photos…etc. and I also can spend a lot of time in Thrift StoresYard Sales… Second Hand Stores… Just browsing and looking for that special unique item!

2. My primary and most essential goal in life … is to be Happy!… to Love and be Loved…

3. You might be surprised to learn … that I do have a temper… but, it takes a lot to bring it out… but, then look out!…


4. My favorite place in the world is … my home… It makes me happy… my love is there… making everything seem right!… I have fallen in love with Savannah , GA… and hope to return soon… Even thought of moving there… but, need to visit again before making BIG decisions!

5. I wish I had known sooner … that being shy is a waste of time… That being yourself… no matter what… is the best way to be!



4 thoughts on “Finish This #24

  1. I enjoy you notes also. I wish I had more friends who would blog me. I think it is so much fun to learn about other people and it is better than just plain E-Mail.

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