1. For July 4, I celebrated by … Walking the Bridge over the Ohio River from Louisville to Jeffersonville, Indiana… and watching the fireworks shot off in our neighborhood with neighbors… great day!


2. My go-to cosmetic product is … a light foundation and “Burt’s Bees” Color Lip Shimmer… I’m a plain girl with simple ways…


3. I am inspired by … my husband… He has always been a strength to me… knows a little about everything… can fix anything… a hard worker… but, can be and have fun!… caring… honest… and to know he loves me unconditionally… makes me inspired!

bobby through-001

4. The best relationship advice I received was … LIKE who you will be with … LOVE is Great!… but, you have to LIKE them!… Enjoy being with them… Have the same interest…


Have “liked” him for 46 years!

5. When no one is around, I tend to … slack off!… I lose myself in things I love to do… writing… arts… a book or even a TV program…



6 thoughts on “FINISH THIS: Week 27

  1. My week started off on a good note. Watching my grandsons doing sparklers while Daddy shot off fireworks. Then on Friday while attempting to get up on the scales at Tops I lost my balance and landed on the floor. It seemed that as I fell I caught my head on a chair leg causing a small cut to my scalp. It was cleaned and an ice bag placed on the bump.

    Thinking all was OK I went about the rest of my day only to discover that the ice kept the bleeding under control. When I came home discovered it was still bleeding. Since it would not stop bleeding my Granddaughter took me to the ER. They cleaned it and put a staple on the cut.

    Well at least the staple will keep my brain inside and maybe now I can learn and remember things better.

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