Finish This Week #32

is330-072 Things To Know About Me…


1. I’ve lived in the same city for all of my life… (Louisville)


2. I think of moving all of the time… k5456807

3. My boys are so special to me… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4. I never knew love could be so grand until “grandchildren!”… 38498_1399350662772_8095252_n

5. I knew I would love being married to my Bobby as soon as I met him… 319541_2068840359596_5610755_n

6. I wanted to be a teacher… but, although that didn’t happen… I have worked in Education all of my working years… x13821611

7. I love my part-time job with the YMCA!… YMCA-SVG-Common_International_svg

8. I like an SUV over a car… and will be looking for a new one soon… k16941789

9. I love animals… but, cats are my favorite!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

10. I love feeling the wind in my face… and being outside… u14724647

11. One of my bad habits is going barefoot all of the time!… k17420201

12. I fell in love with the city of Savannah, GA… and want to move there… Never had felt that way about anywhere before!… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

13. I like weird art that others would find “funky”… and I like to try new recipes…k10015436  



5 thoughts on “Finish This Week #32

  1. You forgot about being a Poet, great at Arts & Crafts. However, I believe that you are and always have been a special friend to all you meet and offer a smile and a hug also.

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