Sometimes “I” Need Prayer!

Since the middle of August… it seems life has been a whirlwind…

1. Granddaughter moves in for her second year of college… Room has to be emptied and rearranged…


2. Her car breaks down… My husband says it will take way too much to fix!…


3. My daughter-in-laws dad is diagnosed with Cancer… in several areas…

We pray daily for him and Pam… his wife… and of course my daughter-in-law, my son and the 3 grandkids… very hard on all!


4. We decide to give Taylor (granddaughter) our car and buy a new one…


5. This will put us in debt… but, will lessen the burden on her for the next three years of college…


6. Have to look and decide on a car… which means… what kind, cost, durability, selling Bobbys truck which he loves…


7. In the meantime… still working part-time and more and more of our adults in the YMCA program have Alzheimers… An unforgiving disease… that moves as quick as cancer…


8. Have had three funerals in a short period of time… a relative and two friends…


9. Granddaughter has a boyfriend… need I say anything else???


10. Son, who lives at home is bipolar… This is an everyday task in itself!…


11. Two days of talking to salesmen about purchasing a car… One is …well, I’ll leave it at this… we walked out after talking to him…


12. The other one was great… and purchased a car that will be great for us… at our price… our payment… and meets our needs perfectly!…. “good thing!”


13. Spent a whole day after working… transferring cars… with Granddaughter… Nothing is as simple as you think even when you’ve checked all avenues… Well, at least you think you have!


14. Husband decides to chew cigars… I told you it’s been “funky”… His nerves were at their end… Says he will quit!… that’s to be seen!


15. My mind and body is tired… Just need a break… and hopefully it will come soon…


15. Oh, yes… two girls out at work with serious reasons… and I’m picking up more hours to help out!


So, if you have missed my blogging… these are SOME of the reasons!

Sometimes “I” need prayer!   k10326490



10 thoughts on “Sometimes “I” Need Prayer!

  1. You are number 1 with me and have my prayers for you and your family. Please do not let yourself get too over pressured sweetheart. Keep on smiling. You and your smile are just the one to work with those special people at the YMCA. They are indeed lucky to have you as we all are. Lov U

  2. Taking care of ourselves is often at the bottom of the list. Take care, Marilyn and find a quiet place to rest. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with much responsibility and people needing a piece of me.

  3. I send you love and some healing chi as you face so many things all at once. I love how you can still find time and love for others, family and those you work with but as Peggy says, you do need to look after yourself as well. All the best to you and yours and especially Taylor in her second year at Uni and with your gift of a car. :)

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