Passing “IT” Along!

It’s 2 :00am…

Why am I up at this hour? k9391766

Because I am sooo sick…  k13698838

Had fought off one bout of a head coldk12532148

when this new episode slammed me!…

and YES!… I’ve had both “flu shot” and “pneumonia shot”…

Just passed from one to another!… k10693085

My head feels ready to explode!…

My nose runs like a faucet… k11436362

I’ve coughed so hard… I might have broken something!… k15632819

Never did like “spitting”… but, it’s all I can do to keep this drainage manageable… k14821601

TOMORROW!… Doctor visit!… for sure!

Hot Tea is my soothing drink for my scratchy throat… k11221119

3 days to get better where I can be around my family for Thanksgiving… k7904132

Give me meds k5505015… give me a shot… k4831526

give me reassurance that…

I will be OK! k12318244




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