Shopping… FUN?


Shopping for my Grandkids is just not as fun as it used to be… k21883201

Kennedy is becoming a teen…”almost”… k22332800

Taylor has her  “own style” and is quite picky… k19076632

Carson is still young… and is easier… He wants “everything”!… k19940909

Get the picture!…

I’ve been on the internet looking and looking… and after thinking I have the “right” thing… my ideas get shot downk22194725

by a comment I hear… a size difference k21490500 … wrong color k19340634 just “not right”… for what they had on their mind…

I might have two things in a shopping cart  k21634341 somewhere in cyberspace k12095304 …

Where and what was that store??? 2014113_ost_logo_gift2 ??? k2-_c659d783-17eb-40bc-9967-5f8879778b8e_v1 ??? s_sitelogo ???

Last night while Carson visited… I drew a Christmas Stocking Stocking and told him to look through a catalog I had k18732834 …

Pick out… cut out… pictures of things he might like… and glue them on the stocking…

WOW!… did I get a stocking full!… of ideas… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

BB Gun… Ping Pong Table… Headphones/Speaker… Remote Control Car… but the best one was a fold up bed for friends when they come to spend the night!

Now to see… what Santa has already put in his sack of toys tagged for Carson! k20358142 before I actually purchase!




8 thoughts on “Shopping… FUN?

  1. It is very difficult for me to pick out gifts that I can afford that older kids will enjoy. Wasting money or having them take the gift back and getting the money always makes me feel weird inside. Christmas gifts are not as much fun to buy anymore for me, kids getting too old

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