Finish This #48


1. My biggest fan is… probably my husband… He just told me I have a big heart… and care so much about people…

My son who is bi-polar admires me too… He thinks I am a smart person… Probably because he sees how I manage situations…


2. My great blessing is… that my son who is bi-polar… has come so far!… We now have a great relationship… and understanding… after so many struggling years…Now, HE is my blessing!


3. Sometimes, all you need to feel better about life is…

is to slow down, breathe deeply… lift your eyes toward Heaven… and remember all that God has given to you!



10 thoughts on “Finish This #48

  1. Your family is indeed lucky to have such a loving, caring and talented in their family. I to am also lucky to have you in my life also. You are a very special friend and at times I feel you are a sister that I never had. I agree it helps to have God in our lives also.

  2. Marilyn, I love your list! What a joy to see some of the struggles of the past transformed into blessings! I have a feeling that a big part of that is the determination and hope you bring to your life. You haven’t given up, and your patience and persistence has been worth the investment of all your time and energy. Blessings to you! ~ Sheila

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