Microwave Popcorn Snowmen

I made these with my Seniors this week… EVERYONE loved them!

MKG- Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts

I made these “cuties”last year and couldn’t resist making more …

With the cute face of this snowman… you can only get smiles…

Purchase a box of regular size microwave popcorn

This happened to have 12 … I might need more!… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I copied snowman face page on my computer…


and then just wrap around the popcorn pouch and tape… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Bought a long knitted scarfat my favorite Unique Thrift Store for $1.99…

It has to be double-sided where it can be slipped over the pouch

or I have even used long socks… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cut it into 12 pieces about 6″ long… This one just happened to be long enough…

You might need more scarves depending on their length…

After slipping piece of scarf over head… I turn up the edge for a cuff and tie

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7 thoughts on “Microwave Popcorn Snowmen

  1. Thanks, I wish I could comment at the end of the Blog, however, this way works also. Yesterday, the Senior’s from Sun Valley went on a field trip to the Galt House. We had a ball and the view from the top was lovely. Next Thurs, evening they are going to the Mega Caverns if I can find a ride. I finally finished decorating my living room Of course my Christmas bears have taken over the floor area so now the play toys for the boys will have to find a new area until after Christmas..

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