Finish This #53



My goals/resolutions for 2015 are …

1. Be Persistent!… My word for the year! k20841193

2. Lose as much as I can in pounds… want to Feel Better! k19644431

3. Try not to worry... taking each day in stride… k18690602

4. Embracing changes as moments to improve self..k19697685

5. Continue working with my Seniors as long as I feel it’s good for me and my family… k19076968 (1)

6. Try sketching again… using the colored pencils Vera gave me for Christmas… It was FUN to get a “toy”… 087a0701

7. Make a trip to Savannah, GA… stopping to visit relatives on the way South… cover-planner-14-15

8. A trip to Gatlinburg, TN is always fun… and to fulfill my desire to zip-line through the trees… logok22091793

9. Would love to spend the night in a Tree House… Actually would love to have one... of my own!… k15008382

10. Spend more time with my “little family”… k20146064



9 thoughts on “Finish This #53

  1. I have learned the Hard Way to listen to my daughter Cathy’s advice. I had my faucets open Tuesday night but for some reason I closed them when I went to Sun Valley Wednesday and lo and behold I have frozen pipes.

    They are open and the cabinets doors are open but so far no water. I am surviving but I feel like I am on a Camping Trip. It is supposed to get above freezing Sunday so wish me luck that nothing is broken because as my daughter said if they are broken I am I n for an expensive job. Wish me luck.

    I love your resolutions and knowing you’ You will get your tree house too.

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