Chain Saw Carving

My great-nephew owns a Day Care here in Louisville, KY…
They had a tree stump on the property… and decided to have this company transform it into something fun, colorful and actually interactive…

The company’s name is Bear Hollow Wood Carvers…

The unique thing is that the carvings are done with Chain Saws!…

Located in the French Lick
Town Green Building across from
the French Lick Resort and Casino.

8695 W. Jack Carnes Way, Suite 8
French Lick, IN 47432

Store Hours ET
Weekdays 10-5 Closed Wednesday
Saturday 10-6 Sunday 11-4 Holidays Vary

63156_538160202902063_1628051677_n 64180_538160249568725_796801404_n

This was the stump at the start of the project…

44799_538160286235388_1915240880_n 63125_538160112902072_1831980324_n

Working from scaffolding…

404724_538160269568723_886040699_n 529131_538160182902065_337689226_n

Beginning to take on it’s shape and appearance…

67592_538163149568435_981245435_n 72179_538160156235401_669969559_n 59591_538160189568731_16412158_n

A little house complete with Bear, Owl, Cardinal Bird,  Chimney and walkway right through…

You can go to their site and watch a video of them actually doing a complete carving!




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