Finish This #62


I have $250,000 to spend as I wish, so I purchase …

I have put off answering this “finish this link”…

because if I was given this amount of money… k0158133

I would go over and over how I would want to spend it!…

But, deep in my heart

I really would like to move to Savannah, GA…


So, that would take about half of the money doing that!…

I would find a cozy little cottage… or a condonear the water… 88

I would sell everything I have pretty much… jptm04

I wouldn’t move anything I wasn’t greatly attached to…

I would use part of the money to hire someone to come in… pack everything… and deliver it for me… k6170784

At this point I might have all of the $250,000 spent…

But, if not… I would use some to decorate our new place…

I’m usually not stingyk4555465 or “Scrooge Like” but, at this time in my life…

I would be thinking of me and Bobby…  k23987206 … making our life as pleasant and easy for the rest of our time… k20469384

When the Grandkids came to visit… k20871504I would want to take them everywhere… and enjoy the days with them beach-cruiser-172-blue

Showing them all of the new places I have discovered in our new surroundings!… wavinggirl1

OK… You now have seen a little into my dreams k19271399 … desires… k23813193 and wishes if I had those extra dollars to spend!




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