Thank You Jesus!

Back from Cancer Doctor at VA…
Heard a lot more… the details of his tumor…
but, the best is that his liver, kidneys, etc. … are excellent…
out of 16 lymph nodes … 3 had minute signs… so Chemo to prevent anything from going any further…
Every two weeks for 6 months… I like to say… 12 treatments… sounds better!… Excellent staff at hospital!… and so caring… Vacation is on!… They will plan around it… and no hair loss… (although he had been checking out a new cap)… We are feeling happy!… and so blessed!… k11570343 Thank you Jesus!


10 thoughts on “Thank You Jesus!

  1. Marilyn, I’m reading backward through my reader feed, so just saw this post. I’m sorry you guys have had to deal with this news, but I’m so happy that the outlook is positive! Blessings and prayers for you both as you face this together. I know you’ll be a wonderful support to Bobby, and a ray of hope to him during his treatment! ~ Sheila

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