Valentine’s Day…

We actually did Valentine’s Day  k12449168   with Carson’s Birthday yesterday…

We ate at his pick of restaurants… Golden Corral…GoldenCorral_logo

and it was really good…k6545413


although very crowded… we got seated… all 8 of us… with no problem…

Everyone got to choose from the abundant menu that was offered…. k8168820


k8702908Carson had pizza and salad… his favorite!…

and then to indulge in the Chocolate Fountain… dipping marshmallows!…



The prime rib, salmon k9885189and the many offers of meats, vegetables, sides, salads, hot rolls, desserts were all tasty…

No cake needed here  k14518085  … so many desserts!… u16344754

and I like how they are offering smaller pieces where you can try a few different kinds…

I only ate a bite of Lemon Pie k23184183… and then HAD to have a piece of Chocolate Fudge! k3250940

MONEY and Gift Cards for the Birthday Boy…

and all three of the Grandkids loved their Heart Shaped Boxes of Candies OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I brought them…


I awoke to find a beautiful card from Bobby with a box of candy we could share…


The words were perfect!… on the card…



We share a bond

that’s built to last.

We share a love

that’s unsurpassed.


We share a name

and happy home.

We share the places

that we roam.


We share our dreams

and funny stories.

We share defeats

as well as glories.


We share so many

things, it’s true…

I’m thrilled to share

my life with you!


and that says it all…


Happy Valentine’s Day!



One thought on “Valentine’s Day…

  1. A beautiful post filled with love and memories. We had a Golden Coral here. As soon as Al passed away, they flooded and it has been closed ever since. I am glad it did this after Al passed. He loved being able to go to the foods and pick what ever he wanted. He used to grin from ear to ear

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