Common Ground

I was asked to lead a Woman’s Bible Study.

Ironic in that I, myself am trying to improve my faithfulness in doing just that,

reading and learning more about God’s word.

This year is my commitment to improve my learning of what God left in a form of writing, the Bible, His Holy Word.

Yes, it may have been written down by men, but was heard by them when God spoke.

The intelligence of our Creator is mind-boggling to us humans.

The perfection, the wisdom, the directness and the teaching.

bible book business christian

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He leads us through this “Special Book”. Telling the story of how we were created, choices we made, people who were actually there and the hardships endured by following this righteous way.

So, today I will meet with however many ladies are able to come.

We are meeting at a fast food restaurant.

Common ground for all.

We will fellowship by having a coffee or coke and maybe a bite to eat.

I will then present what God has laid on me to relate to these sweet ladies.

And He does speak to me.

So I will hurry now and get dressed.

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Pajamas are not the attire that would be acceptable at Burger King.


Today being the first day, went well.

Few in number but, good conversation and discussion.

We ate a lite breakfast to awaken our senses.

Thankful for the food we were provided.

The lesson I chose was from one of my favorite devotional books,

“Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.

It talks of being in God’s Presence.

Letting God take charge of the day.

He teaches us to walk purposely with Him, taking one step at a time instead of bolting into the day like a racehorse that was suddenly released from the gate.

We are to remember to be thankful for each blessing we encounter.

Big or small.

We talked of even thanking God for a good parking space.

There are so many blessings showered on us daily.

Being grateful fills our hearts with positive thoughts and protects us from negative thinking.

white bird flying under the blue and white sky during daytime

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Picture your prayers and petitions being winged into Heaven.

An awesome sight!

Colossians 4:2

I Thessalonians 5:18








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