Christmas Present

My little neighbor has a new Granddaughter.

She is still very small and her name is Luna.

Yes, like the moon.


That is her with her big brother.


Grandma found an old Spring Horse probably from the ’60’s or “70’s.

I could not find one just like it on the internet.

It was in great condition.

Well… I thought it was.

Except for not having a mane or tail and painted all white.

Just a few discrepancies, ha, ha!


I was asked to paint it and of course it would need a mane and a tail.

I love fixing old into new, so I said sure.

We put in my shed.

Summer became Fall… Fall became winter.

Did I remember the horse in the shed?

Of course not!

Not until my neighbor asked about it.


between doing Christmas for my family, decorating barely, making costumes for Christmas Play at church, keeping up my house chores, visiting (it was the season),

going to events planned

making fudge for presents,

getting yard and house winterized,

I brought “the Horse” into my house and walked around it for weeks.

You know that art is something you have to be in the mood to do!

So… one night I got my paints together, checked over this horse, and began to form an idea in my head as to what could be done to bring him back to life.

Color was my first thought…

colors that were meant for a little Princess.

Pinks, purples, yellows, aqua blues…

That would do!

The design on the horse began to come alive.

Main body first.

The reins, the bridle , the saddle and handles.



What was I going to do for a tail and mane?

I thought of many ideas.

But, my thrift stores gave me my idea.

I found a baby throw which reversed… pink on one side…

lavender on other.

Being, that I do have an artistic mind, the image started taking place.

“Gorilla Glue” and some cutting and clipping.

“THE HORSE” was finished.






Even with her name.

Rave reviews, which I was thankful for.

Just in time for Christmas Eve.

Even though our little Princess wouldn’t be riding her Fairy Tale Horse for a few more months.

Grandma Sherry smiled.

















19 thoughts on “Christmas Present

  1. I absolutely love that! I love even more that you have your making-mojo back and could transform this toy into something spectacular! I’d love to see photos when Luna is big enough to ride her treasure.
    Love for a Happy New Year to you, xxxx

  2. A forever treasure for Luna. I love your giving heart, Marilyn. Also, I love you are writing again. Your words brighten my day. God is using your abilities to touch so many lives. You have blessed my life.

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