“Adventures of Chase”

My adopted baby boy is a totally black kitty…

that I named Chase.

Wanted a boy name and I really liked this one.

Black cat breeds are as sleek and elegant as they are sweet and affectionate.

Chase identifies with the breed called…

“Devon Rex”
Sporting a pixie-like face and large ears, this breed has a full-of-tricks personality.

It describes him perfectly!



This shelf is above my stove in the kitchen.


No place too far out of reach or too tall.


I come in to find him on top of the refrigerator.


As I said he is so black you cannot even see any accents or his eyes at times when taking pictures


He looks at me like , “What’s the matter?”…

“What’s the big deal?”…


I’m thinking he’s on top of the fridge when I look up and he is walking on door…

IMG_20191206_114200 (1)

Of course I had to laugh!

IMG_20191206_115715 (1)

Next episode of Chase…

to come in next blog.

“How his name fits perfectly!”


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