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Ruthie’s Pimento Cheese

I made it again today!

Have you ever cooked or baked something and you just didn’t get enough of it?

That was the way it was with my Apple Salad https://babyjill7.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=31055&action=edit

and my Pimento Cheese

The recipe for the pimento cheese is from a wife of a friend I used to work with…

An excellent cook!

but, when he brought us this cheese spread and crackers for lunch… we gobbled it up!

I call it “Ruthie’s Pimento Cheese”…


1 – package Shredded Sharp Cheese

I – jar choppped Pimentos with liquid

1/2 package of Real Bacon Bits

6 – green onions chopped with some of the green

1/2 teaspoon red pepper (cayenne) or to taste… longer it sits… will get hotter

Mayonnaise to bring it all together (spreadable)


Love the colors!


You will find this to be so YUMMY!

“Yummy Pimento Cheese!”


Silly me! I began to make Pimento Cheese … It’s a recipe from a teacher I used to work with … His wife was always making something fabulous for us to try… We would sit in the lunchroom cafeteria and enjoy the neat snacks he would bring… This recipe has been passed on to many people who have fallen in love with this tasty spread… I thought I had everything to make it… but, I had forgotten that I had used the green onions  in a salad the day before… so a trip to the grocery had to be made… I was going anyway… so no great bother… When I returned… I got the ingredients out and started to mix everything together So easy… because all is prepared except for slicing the green onions very fine… including some of the green stems…

1- Package shredded fine cheese… I prefer the mixed cheese like for pizza 

1- Package of real bacon bits …”real” I say!

1/2 of a bunch of green onions… sliced really thin like I mentioned

1 – Teaspoon of cayenne (red) pepper… or suit your taste

Enough real mayonnaise to make it spreadable… maybe 3/4 of a cup… and I do prefer “real” mayonnaise

I mixed all of this together… seemed a little dry… but, oh well… I added a little more mayonnaise

Put it in my pretty clear glass dish … that I bought at the thrift store one day… and thought… “Well, that’s done!”…

I was putting everything away when my son says, “Mom, are you going to put pimentos in this?”… Well, yes!… but, as I looked at it I hadn’t… they were still in the pantry  … where I had bought the jar over a week ago… So, “Silly Me” added the pimentos... making it less dry of course…and so much prettier… I laughed as I told my husband, “Pimento Cheese has to have pimentos in it doesn’t it?”… He looked at me and said, “Yesss…” not knowing what I had done… I called myself “silly” and he totally agreed after my explanation… So to the list above… don’t forget like I did… add one jar of chopped pimentos to the recipe… It helps!”

“Meatless Meals…So Good!”

No meat tonight for dinner… We’ll get enough protein from the Field Peas and Snaps … What are “snaps”?… They are immature pea pods cooked with the peas…If you like Black-eyed peas I’m sure like Field Peas… It started with me cooking green cabbage/potatoes … of course when I cook cabbage I think of a friend’s mother…When I spent the night she would cook cabbage and potatoes… I don’t remember meat being served then either… but, I do know… there was that big pot steaming with that wonderful combination… Along side was a skillet of cornbread  with butter…No need for anything else!… I’m making fried apples too…mainly because I need to use the apples, but it sounded so good together…Lots of butter/margarine, sugar, cinnamon and a little nutmeg … Yummy!… I could be an announcer for a cooking show!… I also cook my cabbage with butter/margarine, salt/pepper and about a tablespoonful of sugar…The sugar in most vegetables just enhances the flavor I have found…and spread out throughout the whole pot or skillet, not that many calories… Of course I know bacon grease  was used by my Mom and my friend’s Mom for seasoning… but, things change as we gain our own way of cooking… I’d better check the progress… it’s smelling so good!  …Try a meatless meal sometime… You will truly enjoy it!  

“My Kids”…

No wonder some of our kids didn’t eat very much at school…unless it was pizza… Papa John Pizza Day on Tuesdays especially… Schools serve some kind of meat we usually called “Mystery Meat”… because it all tasted the same, although it was served as chicken , beef or pork …Looked pretty much the same too … Of course if you put ketchup, mustard or hot sauce on it…it tasted the same anyway…which is what they usually did… My Granddaughter and Grandson have cheese and crackers as an alternative to the regular meal and so did our kids… Could it be this meatless meal   looks and tastes better than the other choices offered … No doubt!