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“A Wonderful Time of Year!”

As the Holidays are approaching…I begin to want to listen to what I call, “Christmas Music” … I know the radio will play a wonderful variety from December 1st through Christmas Day non stop… and I just love it!… We play it at home… in the car … and hum along as we hear it in the stores… We play our favorite CD’s as we put up the tree …bringing back memories of so many “Christmases long, long ago”… My favorites being Winter Wonderland… “White Christmas”…”Let It Snow” … I’m very traditional as far as singers go…Bing Crosby’s  “White Christmas”… Burl Ive’s “Holly Jolly Christmas”… Elvis Presley’s   “Blue Christmas” Perry Como’s,  “Beginning to Look Like Christmas”… but, my favorite of all times is anything by Andy Williams … especially, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… I remember watching Andy Williams on TV when I was quite young ( 1959-1971)… I think I liked him because he sang with such enthusiasm… and his Christmas Shows with his family and friends felt like you were getting ready to sit down and have dinner with them… Snow coming down , sleigh bells ringing , happy faces, dressed in holiday sweaters ... and those wonderful voices singing one Christmas carol after another… With the added addition of the “Osmonds”… Donny and Marie … It made me happy!… After many years I finally was able to attend one of his Christmas Shows right here in Louisville… To see him in person and listen to all those wonderful Christmas songs… I felt I was walking in a Winter Wonderland” … and feeling that it was the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” … “Is it time to put up the tree?” 

“My Kids!”…
We had the most wonderful Christmas program at our school… It was  the “Dare to Care” program …collecting canned goods/non-perishables for the needy… Some of the needy being in our own classrooms… For about a month … little by little we brought in commodities to fill a box designated for these items… We decorated our box with construction paper, wrapping paper, pictures…really, whatever we had in our classroom… Nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars  were collected to buy turkeys and additional items needed to make a nice Christmas dinner also… A chance to let kids know the feeling of “giving”… On the day of the program… candles were lit and the procession of all of the students and teachers walked through the darkened halls to the gym…where a decorated tree and music students were waiting… The heavy laden boxes of collected food items were placed under the lit Christmas treeThe orchestra , the band  and chorus had been practicing their songs and now it was their time to shine…They never let us down… After inspirational speakersclass highlighted skits… the “Christmas Music” began… Renditions of the familiar Jingle Bells, “Frosty the Snowman”  and “The Twelve days of Christmas”  were played and sung with enthusiasm!… and then my favorite…  which brought tears to the eyes of kids and adults alike… The gym grew quiet and voices were lifted up with the words of “Silent Night”… I know hearts were full and taking in the true meaning of Christmas at that time… a “Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”