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Feeling Blessed

As I sit here reading other’s thoughts through their blogging… I feel so blessed


I have my family close… most watching TV… resting…

I have a little Granddaughter  ( 18 years )… that comes to spend the night on T-W-Th… between working late at United Parcel Service and going to college at U of L …

Easier than driving all the way to her home which is in another little town South of us…

Having her makes me feel complete… a Grandmotherly feeling that Mom’s and Grandma’s will understand…

Love runs deep with Grandchildren… ( I have a total of three )… she’s the oldest… u21182167

We’ve eaten…

Talked a little…

and kinda went to our own spots…

We just do what we feel comfortable doing… x17717566

It’s so quiet… except for the occasional Christmas song I play on my computer…

I love the old favoritesk7456550

but, Celine Dion has a voice that reaches me…

http://youtu.be/51bO1CVPWRA    So This Is Christmas

http://youtu.be/4RWA3T9i4c8      The Christmas Song


I have two things that give me pleasure… in a simple way…

Soft music… and Candlelight… with a lite scent… vmo0839

So, this time of year has me smiling a lot!…

Now, my mind is wandering to my cup of hot tea… Nothing too sweet… but, just warming to my body… k6616465

I hope you are enjoying your evening…

“Power of Love”


I must have been “ahead of the game” as they say or had some kind of premonition as I wrote my poem in 1983… I had entitled it “Power of Love” …and then in 1984 a Jennifer Rush  recorded the song The Power of Love“… again in 1987 Laura Branigan   had a version of this song and then my all time favorite version by Celine Dion  was released in 1993… Actually my poem  is nothing like the song… only the title… but, I immediately thought of this song as I was rereading the poem I wrote so many years ago…The “power” in my poem is “Love”… a special kind of Love that lasts for an eternity… I can play Celine Dion’s   version over and over… never quite tiring of her beautiful voice resonating the words with so much feeling, but God‘s Power” of Love  is something I’ll keep inside of me for comfort… for strength… for peace  … all the days of my life!

“Power of Love”

Power comes in many a form-

Sometimes at great lengths-

Even when we were born-

It gave us such strength!

The “Real” power

Comes from up above-

Perfect as a flower-

It is known as “Love”.

Love is something given-

And gotten in return-

Yet, sometimes is taken-

Which we need to learn!

Powerful as it is-

It can be mine-

Because it is “His”-

Gift to mankind!

“He” gave it freely-

It’s for all of us-

You must believe me-

It is such a must!

The power of love gives us hope-

Keeping us from strife-

With His power we can cope-

Building a wonderful life!

This is what “He” meant to do-

To help us here on Earth

It’s for me as well as you-

Come to us at birth!

Something we can use to help-

The weak, as well as strong-

All of us have felt-

It’s inside us like a song!

Bursting forth with power

That’s how love is-

This can be the hour-

Just become one of “His”!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 12, 1983 – mkg