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What Is Marriage All About?


My best friend… the companion … lover … protector… favorite comedian… hard-working… man who I married … had a Birthday  … Sometimes he called it the birthday “on hold”… 69 years… doesn’t want to even talk about the next one  … shhhh…

I’ve known him over 43 years… and he can still surprise me

We’ve never been wealthy … far from it… but, we’ve worked together to make ends meet…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

We had two sons together … and love them with all our hearts… They joke about their Dad and “his sayings”…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

We were separated when he went to Vietnam… but, wrote every day … and even sent tapes… to keep in touch… and vowed  that we would never be apart again… and we haven’t except for a few days at a time…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

We’ve had a few ailments… His was pretty major with a triple by-pass… Mine only gall bladder surgery and babies… Standing beside each other through all…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

Our son’s have had some struggles… like all people do… and we tried to be there for them… and we are being blessed now… with wonderful “thank you’s”     all of the time…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

We have also been blessed!… and I don’t use the word “blessed”   lightly… to have 3 wonderful grandchildren… They make us laugh… cry… and have given us a feeling in our hearts that nothing can describe…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

We have a house… More than I could ever imagined when I was young… Not huge… not in a high-class neighborhood… but, it has become our “home”… and when a house becomes a “home” … that’s a good thing!…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

We have tried to give each other freedom to be ourselves… Me with my computer and art work… and many excursions with my women friends… Him… working in his yard  … tinkering with his mechanics … swinging in his favorite swing he built… (relaxation time)…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

My Bobby… and I do call him, “My Bobby”… because he is!… has given me a good life… He always wishes there was more he could have given me… and I tell him…”I have it all!… there’s nothing I need”… and the “world” is just not mine to have… because he would try to give it to me if he could… and I know that!…

Isn’t that what marriage is all about!…

This has gone completely in another direction  … as always… when I start to write… but, maybe this is my way of telling “my Bobby”… Happy Birthday Babe!… and may we celebrate many more together!

Love, M.

“Stand Tall”


It seems as though every time I try to pray … my mind gets distracted … It seems every time I try to tell someone about the Lord… I get interrupted … It seems when I am feeling the Spirit of God  I find myself doing or saying things I don’t want… It feels like I am being sabotaged! …This is when I know there are two forces that work in this world we live in… Good and Evil … I have come to the conclusion that this is the way for the Evilness to try to shut out the Goodness … And this is when I will have to try harderstay stronger… and lift my needs in “Prayer”  to feel the Goodness surround me and protect me…

“A Prayer” 

I come to “You” in prayer

To ask “You” many things-

Have “You” seen how we care?

How our hearts sing.

Have “You” heard our pleas for help?

Our prayers for our friends-

Have you see how we’ve felt?

Our shoulders how they bend.

Have you seen the hurt and pain?

Of “Your” people here-

Has it been all in vain?

Do you really care?

Do “You” see the hungry and the sick?

Fighting with every breath-

Are some prayers answered quick?

Is that why there is death?

Do you hear our pleas?

Our heartache and our woe?

For the lost families-

That’s why our heads bend low.

Do you see the struggle inside?

We fight it every day-

Could it be we’ve too much pride?

Can we learn as you say?

How can I learn to accept all?

With a love just like “Yours”-

How can we answer the call?

When worldly things still lure.

Will you lead us “Father”?

To do the things we could-

Help us to see farther-

Doing all that we should.

“Lord”, be with your children-

Who need to learn of you-

Keeping us from sin-

Please, be with us as we do.

Be with us every day-

Don’t forsake us now-

We’ll continue to pray

And teach our children how.

We’ll try to say thank you-

Every day that we live-

For everything “You” do-

And all that “You” give.

Just take care of us-

And forgive us one and all-

Till we learn to be just-

And as Christians we stand tall!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 31, 1983 – mkg 

“Believing”… Is Not Imaginary!


I find myself having more faith  every day… To believe in my Lord has become a real part of me  … I find it easier and easier to say the words…”I believe!”  … As a young Christian  we don’t want to be made fun of… ridiculed… talked about… told what we believe is just imaginary … so we shy away from what we know is the Truth and keep our saved soul to ourselves… As I get older and mature… “I am who I am”… and I know what I felt so many years ago only becomes better … becomes easier… becomes a stronger part of who I really am!… Just believing has changed me into who I am today … and I like that person!


What do you believe in?

Can you answer that?

Is it something that has been?

Or, something you’re working at.

Can you tell me what it is?

That keeps you feeling strong.-

Can the strength be “His”?

Keeping you from doing wrong.

Can you put it in a word?

Why you believe this way-

Is it something you heard?

Or, do you live it day by day.

Can your belief be called faith?

Does it have another name?

Does it give you relief?

Where is it that it came?

You found it in Jesus

Is that how it was?

“He” loves and keeps us-

And forgives us as “He” does.

Belief in the Truth-

“He” left in “His” word-

That’s written proof-

Of things you have heard.

Belief in the “One”-

Who died for us-

“His” victory has been won-

Righteously and just!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 28, 1983 – mkg