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Finishing Up Christmas Week at the “Overlook”

Christmas outings ended on Friday with a trip to the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, Indiana

Less than an hour away… a pleasant drive k9939853 with the sun shining…

Established in 1948 after the town had to be moved up on a bluff where it stands today… overlooking the Ohio River

First it was a small grocery store/gas station… Later a Greyhound Bus Stopth

… and then  the Restaurant…

Not, crowded… was able to walk right in and sit down… when we arrived…

I grabbed a few photos of the Ohio River… the Restaurant sits right by… up on an “Overlook”


View of River from deck…


The River takes a bend right in front of the restaurant


Picnic tables for warmer weather…


There is the restaurant, pub Bar1 and outside sitting for warmer days… Panoramic

Very pretty!…

Our food here was delicious…

Hot Brown for my cousin… 636497

Meatloaf for my cousin’s husband… k1551632

Fish Sandwich for my husband… 907004

Reuben Sandwich for my sister… reuben-sandwich

and I chose the Chicken Pot Pie635870

Of course there were sides… but, the warm yeasty rolls were a hit!… u14184154

Did we get dessert?…

We couldn’t resist…

Peanut Butter Pie k8894843, Coconut Cream Piek5705567 ( but, with 3″ high merengue) and Blackberry Cobbler A la mode k2325058


This was where our little family of my Mom, Aunt, Brothers/Sisters and Spouses used to come every Christmas k16346006

With the passing of Mom, my Aunt, my Brother, my Sister and Sister-in-law… we hadn’t been for a few years… Bitter-Sweet for our hearts! k11416110

but, just lovely!

Homemade “Apple Pie”

With a couple of apples left in the fruit bowl… (a neighbor had brought us a bowl of apples, pears, kiwi, bananas, grapes, oranges, nuts and candy for Christmas)…. k0439704

I decided it’s either time for apple salad or a pieApple-Pie

Since my baking skills have been honed this Christmask6189911 … I decided on the pie…


Found a basic Apple Pie Recipe… including crust…


2-1/2 cups flour

1 tsp. salt

1 cup shortening ( I used Butter Flavored Crisco)

5 – 7 tbsp. ice-cold water

Combine flour , salt and shortening with hand until crumbly like cornmeal.

Add water and shape into a ball, mixing with hand.

Roll out 1/2 of dough on floured counter… Don’t play with dough very much… the less handling… the flakier the crust…(my Momma taught me that!).

Cover bottom of pie pan ( I had a disposable one left from baking ).

Apple Mixture:

6 cups apples sliced thin… tart is recommended…( about 4 apples )

I peeled mine…

3/4 cup sugar

1- tbsp. cornstarch ( I had to use flour )…

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp. ground allspice

1- tbsp. lemon juice ( not, necessary, but keeps apples from turning brown)

Pour mixture onto bottom crust131229_001

Place other crust on top… 131229_003

Vent… a few slits to allow steam to come out of pie while baking…

I cut out a few stars from the leftover dough and laid on top… Used a fork to crimp edges…

Baked at 350 degrees for 45 minutesx12001565

Bubbly and golden brown…


Mine was a little too sweet… due to using 3 different kinds of apples…

k7167108k8174415k8020581that I had…

but, crust was amazing!

“Thanksgiving… a Labor of Love”

I thought I’d let my thoughts wander to my Mom and Dad‘s home for a moment… It is Thanksgiving Day …

Actually, I’ll have to back up a few days before… maybe weeks…because my Dad was the shopper   and bought all of the ingredients for our wonderful Holiday Feast of Thanksgiving … From the moment I could remember… I watched him slowly begin to bring in all the ingredients   a little at a time… not knowing then, how expensive a big dinner like we were about to have cost… anything my Mom needed to cook our meal for this glorious day! … About a day or two before the big day my Mom would start to thaw the turkey … It was placed in water sometimes to thaw…

Usually not enough room in the refrigerator … with all the goodies for baking pies   or making salads… especially 5-cup Salad… pineapple, mandarin oranges, sour cream, coconut, and maraschino cherries   … I woke up to the smell of the turkey already baking  wafting through the air …enticing my nose with the anticipation of homemade dressing with lots of celery and onions…not just one kind but, three … regular, cornbread and oyster… I tasted all of them! sweet potatoes with marshmallows melted  and browned in the oven mashed potatoes with extra butter sitting right in the middle of them oozing down … the colorful salad with those wonderful cherries only bought on holidays … I, hoping there were some left for me to eat right out of the jar Green beans, Ford Hook Lima-beans   and corn for our vegetables… Mom’s homemade Mashed Potato Rolls… the aroma was scrumptious… wonderful turkey gravy made from the “drippings”... Cranberry relish made from fresh cranberries, sugar and oranges YUMMY! … besides the traditional jelly type… There would be pumpkin pies, pecan pies , a cake or two… I set the table with a pretty tablecloth, napkins, the “good” dishes/silverware and glasses… many years later… paper plates, but not in this memory!… I iced the glasses…cut the cranberry jelly in rings and placed in the pretty relish dish… sometimes there would be celery stuffed with pimento cheese… because of left overs from making dressing… The table was so crowded and just sumptuous! … We waited for all to arrive… My two brothers/wives/kids…my two sisters and their families … and friends and relatives who were invited…  Never enough room at the big dining room table…although at least a dozen would crowd around… Extra places in the living room sufficed for the little ones and whoever was running late… Grace was said  by whoever volunteered to thank our Lord for the abundance of food and family that we shared…

I remember all talking at once, much laughter and lots of “yums” as the food was passed and tasted… My Mom had outdid herself again … and now I wonder how she pulled it off… So much to do…So many to prepare for… and not one complaint… I can only believe it was done with the help of Dad, a good provider… and the LOVE  she had for all who entered their home … a true blessing!

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“My Kids”…

I just recently heard that two of my favorite teachers, a Ms Mantooth and a Ms Grubbs are thinking of retiring… They were the leaders of a team of students at TJ called “The Shooting Stars”

… Every other October this team held what was called Muster Day… Some would call it Pioneer Day … The kids mustered together like they did so many years ago and planned a big event for the Fall Harvest

Included in this tradition was a roasted pig (BBQ) , fried bacon, homemade apple cider , corn on the cob, beef stew

, pumpkin pie, corn bread and butter making … Pioneer games, jewelry, corn husk dolls and square dancing … Displays explaining many aspects of pioneer life… A wonderful event enjoyed by the students, teachers , friends and families… Soon after these same teachers and students held a Thanksgiving Luncheon complete with turkey and all the trimmings for all the participating students and their families… And since our little group of Special Ed Kids provided the beef stew , corn bread   and pumpkin pie   (“Pioneer”- Patriot Bake Shop) for Muster Day…we were included…  Tablecloths were spread on the tables, handmade center pieces arranged on each table, food set out in long rows with great care… The students greeted everyone that was invited and then enjoyed the fruits of their labor just like the traditional Muster Day people   … The LOVE  these teachers showed through this event was truly a blessing!  ...They will surely be remembered.

Happpy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Fried Pies…Mom Wins!

I was eating chunky applesauce and thought how it would make great fried pies … I usually make them with pie fillingcherry or apple …I also use canned biscuits for the dough … My Mom could whip up fried pies from scratch faster than I ever will with my canned filling and canned dough… She made her own dough… probably like a biscuit dough… Flour, milk…maybe an egg or two … depending on how many she was making… She probably had some real apples she had peeled, cored and cooked down to what I would call homemade applesauce … There would be sugar, cinnamon…maybe some butter in the ingredients… She would roll out her dough on a wood cutting board with her wood rolling pin with green handles… She floured the board so the dough would not stick… Small circles of dough … about 6″ in diameter… She filled the dough with cooled pie filling or in her case… cooked apples… and then folded the dough in half … looking like a crescent… She crimped the edges with a fork… sealing the edges where the filling wouldn’t come out during the frying process… The hot Crisco was heating in her big iron skillet … She carefully dropped the crescents into the hot shortening… waited until they were golden brown and then turned them gently with a spatula… After browning the other side… they were lifted out to cool on crumpled brown paper bags … This absorbed the excess grease… Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar … Oh, they were the best!… Mine are good… but, the trouble she went to for us to have a most delectable treat will always be remembered… Thanks to Mom, I too can make some good treats … just a newer version

“My Kids!

We made pies in our Bake Shop at school… Usually it was around Thanksgiving Pumpkin  and Pecan… The closest we ever got to making fried pies was when our male teacher would make fried biscuit dough donuts with the kids… They loved them!… Like me, he grew up with his Mom making them like mine when we were young… Canned biscuits rolled out a little thinner… a hole cut out with anything that would work…about an inch across… I’ve used an empty medicine bottle before… works great!… Of course the holes were saved and fried too… Sometimes I think we liked the holes even better… After frying in cooking oil  and drained on paper towels … Shook in a bag of sugar and cinnamon while still warm…Yummy!… The round doughnuts would get a coating of chocolate or vanilla frosting …maybe even a sprinkle or two with colored sugar crystals …I believe I’ll be making some fried pies today…and maybe another day some fried doughnuts… This cooler weather  makes me hungry!  

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