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Room for One More…

Friends asked us to go with them to Liberty, KY…

“What is at Liberty, KY”, I asked…

There is a restaurant called “Bread of Life”… with great home cooking… fresh vegetables… homemade breads and desserts…


A religious group called the Mennonites own and run it…

It was established along with a school, prison ministry, housing for special needs children and adults… over the last 30 years…

by Jerry and Sandy Tucker…

“It was a spiritual journey of shepherding more than 150 abused and handicapped children from around the world”…

quoting from a book I am now reading about this journey…

The book is called “Faith, Hope and Room for One More”…


We arrived in about two hours after leaving home…

The restaurant is spotless, cheerful with colorful quilts adorning the walls…

and very crowded with people who come every day to eat… or visiting like us…


“Janice and David”… our friends…


Lots of room… Immediate dining room plus an extra-large room for overflow…

The waitresses and helpers are extremely nice…

wanting your visit to be enjoyable…

The food was excellent!…

Fried chicken, meat loaf, smoked pork chops… all kinds of veggies… potatoes fixed in many ways… fresh rolls that are as big as saucers that melt in your mouth…

with honey or cinnamon butter!…


Deep Dark Chocolate Cake and Peach Cobbler… Ice Cream/Cookies for dessert…

Wonderful loaded Salad Bar with fresh fruits/vegetables…


We left full… visiting the Gift Shop on the way out where homemade breads, jams, etc. … could be bought besides craft items…

This is where I bought the book!…


I talked to two gentleman at the restaurant who told me they were preachers and had performed a funeral service for one of the children…

who had recently passed and had stayed at the Galilean Home…

I just so happened to read about her on the internet when I was checking out the site for information as to what we would be seeing…

her name was Shilene… COUn8uAWgAAtp26

It was a very good learning experience…

A dedicated group who is totally funded by donations, volunteers… growing part of their food on the 20 acre farm…

No government money is used!…

Established in 1984… and is still taking children when ever needed…


Sandy Tucker has since passed away in 2007… but, their daughters help their father carry on their mission…


As they say…

“There is always room for one more!”…

We left and rode around to some quilt shops, fruits markets OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and visited the Trading Post run by the Mennonite Ministries …

similar to a thrift store… with nothing costing over $3.00… and enjoyed the beautiful day…

Ice Cream was out at McDonalds… so Frapes and Smoothies sufficed as we headed home…

A lovely day with two exceptional people…

and memories that are still twirling in my mind…




“Colors of God!”

I was forwarded an email showing these lovey creatures of God… His handiwork is quite awesome… I think we sometimes need to be reminded… so I’m sharing these beautiful bird photos in all of their glory…

Only a fragment that nature has to show us… and thank goodness for the technology we have to be able to share these beautiful sights with others… I hope they make you stop and take a moment of silence today and just take in the wonder of God

“Colors That Only God Can Do!

Thank you, Jesus!


I made a statement on a fellow blogger’s BLOG … that has remained with me for days… Do you ever wonder where things you say or do come from?… I was listing things about myself  … Some things from my childhood days … some things from my early years of marriage  and some about me right now

I know you are wondering what I said that has got me to thinking

Well, what I said was…

God knew I would need Him… So He came into my life”  …

This happened in my early twenties… It was a day I’ll always remember …and have spoken of before…

I have needed my Lord… as I call Him… every day since I found Him… because He already knew me!… He opened up my heart to accept Him and I never looked back… That is not to say I haven’t done things I’ve shouldn’t…said things I’ve shouldn’t…acted in ways I shouldn’t…But, I always knew I needed to return to my Savior, and then things would be alright… No, believe it or not I’m not perfect …I’m not wise …I’m not the best …I’m not outstanding… I’m just a woman who is living this life that was given her 63 years ago… I was blessed and shown mercy  in that God knew me before I was born… at my conception… when I was young and now that I’m getting older … He knew I would need Him… so He came into my life… Isn’t that the most amazing thing!… It just makes me smile to myself … and gives me a feeling of love  in my heart like no other thing could give…

Thank you, Jesus!

“Believing”… Is Not Imaginary!


I find myself having more faith  every day… To believe in my Lord has become a real part of me  … I find it easier and easier to say the words…”I believe!”  … As a young Christian  we don’t want to be made fun of… ridiculed… talked about… told what we believe is just imaginary … so we shy away from what we know is the Truth and keep our saved soul to ourselves… As I get older and mature… “I am who I am”… and I know what I felt so many years ago only becomes better … becomes easier… becomes a stronger part of who I really am!… Just believing has changed me into who I am today … and I like that person!


What do you believe in?

Can you answer that?

Is it something that has been?

Or, something you’re working at.

Can you tell me what it is?

That keeps you feeling strong.-

Can the strength be “His”?

Keeping you from doing wrong.

Can you put it in a word?

Why you believe this way-

Is it something you heard?

Or, do you live it day by day.

Can your belief be called faith?

Does it have another name?

Does it give you relief?

Where is it that it came?

You found it in Jesus

Is that how it was?

“He” loves and keeps us-

And forgives us as “He” does.

Belief in the Truth-

“He” left in “His” word-

That’s written proof-

Of things you have heard.

Belief in the “One”-

Who died for us-

“His” victory has been won-

Righteously and just!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 28, 1983 – mkg

“Be Gentle!”


I love it when someone treats me in a gentle way through kindness… through a word of encouragement … through a soft touch  … Being easy or gentle with me in words and actions will go along way… I will look at you in a most special way… and in return I will treat you the same way … I’ve never liked roughness…I will avoid it if at all possible… I never as a child liked pushing… tripping…smacking… to be hollered at… to be made fun of… to be hurt… I had no tolerance when I saw someone being done this way… As the saying goes, “You catch more flies with honey” … I agree!

“Be Gentle

Be gentle when someone asks-

What makes your eyes to shine?

Be gentle when someone asks-

How can I make mine?

Be gentle when someone asks-

How is it you seem to care?

Be gentle when someone asks-

How is it you never fear?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Why hold your head so high?

Be gentle when someone asks-

You don’t fear to die?

Be gentle when someone asks-

How can you love everyone?

Be gentle when someone asks-

What battle have you won?

Be gentle when someone asks-

What is it in your heart?

Be gentle when someone asks-

What special things you impart?

Be gentle when someone asks-

How do I find this thing?

Be gentle when someone asks-

What makes you want to sing?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Can I receive that special love?

Be gentle when you someone asks-

Does it come from above?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Do I need repent?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Through Jesus is it sent?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Where is the path God paved?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Is it wonderful to be saved?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Can my life be made new?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Is it for just a few?

Be gentle when someone asks-

How coud I be so wrong?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Why have I waited so long?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Is that all I’ve got to do?

Be gentle when someone asks-

Can I become like you?

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 20, 1983 – mkg

“The Spirit of God”


After looking for my lost (misplaced) Birth Certificate  I ran across some poems I had written in July 1983… 29 years ago … As you can tell … I am a keeper of “some” things … I reread them… only to change a few words… I felt inspired at that time… “Who by?”, you ask?… My LordMy Savior… My sweet Jesus … is all I can say… We were having such difficulties at that time… and it seems if you are a “Believer”… that’s when your closeness to the power you believe in becomes so relevant  … I remember not being able to sleep at night … so I would get up and on a sheet of paper jot down my thoughts… As I said… It seemed as though I had no control of the words I was writing down on paper … but, the help they gave me was tremendous!… I then typed them on an old typewriter  I had… just on notebook paper… They weren’t really for anyone but, myself… They gave me peace … and a way to cope with my consequences… As I read them this week I am “compelled” to share them now… Maybe someone will gain some strength  from the simple words of a young woman in need…

“The Spirit of God

The “Spirit of God” dwells inside,

Lying there in wait,

It came to us when “He” died,

Through “His” love , not hate.

When we give our life to save,

The “Spirit” comes alive,

It is something God gave,

Nothing we should hide.

The “Spirit” works as our guide,

Helping us through strife,

In “Him” we should abide,

Enjoying abundance of life.

We need to open up our hearts,

And let the “Spirit” in,

Never will it depart,

It’s there, instead of sin.

The “Spirit” fills with happiness,

Allowing us to care,

If only we will confess,

We’ll gain a love so rare!

Just open up our hearts to listen,

As the love of God it proves,

Left to comfort and to strengthen,

The “Spirit of God” moves.

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin “mkg”… July-1983

Are You True to Yourself?

What does it mean “To Stay True to Yourself?” A question that was brought up by fellow bloggers at WordPress.com… So I am going to attempt to answer as truthfully and simply as I can…

“To Stay True to Myself’  means I can live with my decisions… I can live with my answers to questions presented to me…I can live with the advice I give because I try to think it through, and come back if my thoughts were not clear or misunderstood… I can live with myself, because I will quickly apologize  if impelled that I was wrong… I can live with myself, in that it is best for the circumstances… I can live with myself with a clear conscience  … I can live with myself with that feel good feeling within my heart … I can live with myself in that I explain “Why”   I have to do something and am strongly compelled to do it… I can live with myself, in that it doesn’t leave damage to those arround me… That I can live with myself to help those in need …That I can live with myself to always offer “Love”   instead of hatred…That I can live with myself in that I try to see all sides… putting myself in the other’s position or frame of mind… By “Staying True to Myself”  I have to follow God‘s Will” sometimes not mine…sometimes hard… sometimes not right in other’s eyes… but, if I didn’t follow His direction  I would definitely “NOT Be Truthful to Myself” … and my life would lose all meaning…I CHOOSE to Stay True to Myself … How about YOU?

“My Kids!”…

Judy and I became friends after my second year at TJ Middle School…We were both assistants to teachers who taught Special Ed kids … Each day before school started we had about 15 minutes of free time… This was our coffee- breakfast- catch up time- family /school discussion time … We could get more settled in this short length of time than people with days, months or years … It was therapy for us…we were each other’s sounding boards…and we stayed close even after she had left TJ …had a class of her own for about one year… and after she was striken with a stroke that left her body paralyzed  on the left side… I remember I mailed a card or a note every week for over a year… called and talked after she was able …and kept in touch at least every month after that… She moved to Nolin River area , Clarkson, KY …and we made a few visits for her Chili get-together in the Fall … Her husband built a handicapped assessable house for her…and all seemed to be going pretty well…Then she called me with the news!… She had stomach cancer… To the hospital I went… She went home , only to return to the hospital again… This time, home was with the care of the organization called Hosparus … An aide to help her with her personal needs Monday – Friday and the nurse  for her medical needs on Wednesdays…Weekends on their own… “Their” meaning her husband and her… So as of last Thursday I am staying with her where he can have a break with their daughter and family in Florida  … and today which is Saturday and Sunday we are on our own …We seem to be doing fine… I will take care of her needs until Wednesday next week… “Staying True to Myself” by helping a friend in need … and as I have found… only benefits myself…by knowing I’m doing what is right “How good that can feel!”