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“Love of God”


As I read the poem  I wrote about God‘s Love… it reminds me of Easter  … God’s true love was his son, Jesus… who He knew had been born for redemption of our sins… What a burden He had to have had… to finish what He knew He had to do to get His people back in His grace… As that day approached… I know He had to be in agony… and when He heard His son asking,  “Is there any other way?”   He must have felt as if his heart was breaking… His will had to be done… He had to sacrifice such a precious being… But, as the day of resurrection  came after such a tormenting time… How ecstatic He must have been!… I remember my Salvation… Oh, what a burden was lifted as I felt the Spirit of God come into my body… I couldn’t praise   Him enough… So if I get discouraged… if I get sad… if I get lonely… I draw on that Special Day… to keep me walking straight… to keep me smiling… to keep me having faith… I thank you Lord for that day! … That you saw me as a special child of yours … ready to return to You with Hope again!

Love of God” 

The Love that God has given-

Comes to us so free-

It will never be taken-

It’s for you, as well as me.

“He” loves us all-

Yellow, Black or White-

Whether big or small-

“His” love is just right!-

“He” came from above-

To set us all free-

With abundance of love-

“He” will always be!

Just open your heart-

Let “Him” come in-

“He’ll” never depart-

Always a friend!

“He’ll” stay by your side-

Lifting you high-

Even when pride-

Has made you cry!

God’s love is so dear-

You’ll feel it inside-

And it will keep-

Your arms opened wide!

For those who in need-

That you see every day-

You’ll be able to plead-

For them as you pray!

For forgiveness of sin

For those that are lost-

Their hearts can mend-

Through the “One” on the cross!

Jesus… He’s the “One”-

Who died for our sins

“He” said, “It’s done!”-

The love of God wins!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 10, 1983 -mkg