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Personality Test …


From •Inspire Yourself•

Look at the tree and choose the one that is immediately most appealing to you. Don’t think about it too long, just choose, and find out what your choice says about your personality.

1. You are a generous and moral (not to confuse with moralizing) person. You always work on self-improvement. You are very ambitious and have very high standards. People might think that communicating with you is difficult, but for you, it isn’t easy to be who you are. You work very hard but you are not in the least selfish. You work because you want to improve the world. You have a great capacity to love people until they hurt you. But even after they do . . you keep loving. Very few people can appreciate everything you do as well as you deserve.

2. You are a fun, honest person. You are very responsible and like taking care of others. You believe in putting in an honest day’s work and accept many work-related responsibilities. You have a very good personality and people come to trust you easily. You are bright, witty and fast-thinking. You always have an interesting story to tell.

3. You are a smart and thoughtful person. You are a great thinker. Your thoughts and ideas are the most important. You like to think about your theories and views alone. You are an introvert. You get along with those who like to think and learn. You spend a lot of time, thinking about morality. You are trying to do what is right, even if the majority of society does not agree with you.

4. You are perceptive and philosophical person. You are a unique, one soul of your kind. Next to you there’s no one even slightly similar to you. You are intuitive and a bit quirky. You are often misunderstood, and it hurts you. You need personal space. Your creativity needs to be developed, it requires respect of others. You are a person who clearly sees the light and dark sides of life. You are very emotional.

5. You are self-assured and in charge. You are very independent. Your guiding principle in life is “I’ll do it my way.” You are very self-reliant and know how to stay strong for yourself and the people you love. You know exactly what you want and are not afraid of pursuing your dreams. The only thing you demand from people is honesty. You are strong enough to accept the truth.

6. You are kind and sensitive. People relate to you very well. You have many friends and you love helping them. You have this warm and bright aura that makes people feel good when they are around you. Every day, you think about what you can do to improve yourself. You want to be interesting, insightful and unique. More than anybody else in the world, you need to love. You are even ready to love those who don’t love you back.

7. You are happy and unflappable. You are a very sensitive and understanding person. You are a great listener who knows how to be non-judgmental. You believe that everybody has their own journey in life. You are open to new people and events. You are highly resistant to stress and rarely worry. Normally, you are very relaxed. You always manage to have a good time and never lose your way.

8. You are charming and energetic. You are a fun person who knows how to make people laugh. You live in a state of harmony with the universe. You are spontaneous and enthusiastic. You never say no to an adventure. Often, you end up surprising and even shocking people. But that’s just how you are. . . You always remain true to yourself. You have many interests and if something proves of interest to you, you will not rest until you acquire a profound knowledge of this area.

9. You are optimistic and lucky. You believe that life is a gift and you try to achieve as much as possible and put this gift to the best use possible. You are very proud of your achievements. You are ready to stick by the people you care about through thick and thin. You have a very healthy approach to life. The glass is (at least) half full for you. You use any opportunity to forgive, learn, and grow because you believe that life is too short to do otherwise.

I chose # 7… so now you know the kind of person I am! k1358159

Daily Prompt: Personal Space

To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers? How do you balance that? If sticking to certain topics and types of posts meant your readership would triple, would you do it?

It’s definitely self-expression u18681561… and creativityk10963906

and the “icing on the cake” is that have some followers who evidently like to read some of what I writek8727140

I am the one getting something from my blogging…

It gives me a feeling of being freecfr0020

a place to find comfort…cfr0246

a place to let my own thoughts and ideas flow…k11889305

a place to try new thingsIS098RJ1X

a place to make new friendsnri0123

a place to learn of other homelands… be it another country… state… city…MAP0084

a place to learn of other’s heritage and traditionsk13605188

a place to feel someone’s joy or heartachecfr0017

It’s a place to find out that we all are quite similark3019137

So here I am… expressing myself… and letting my creative juices flow


Daily Prompt: Show and Tell

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young
schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe your

Good Morning!… k6110919

How are you doing today?…

I hope fine… because we are going to have fun in the next 5 minutes…

I’ve given you a piece of white paperk11038010

Now choose your favorite color plus five more out of the crayons in front of you… k10223423

You need to hurry… because we just have 4 more minutes… k0542185

Draw your favorite shape as big as you want…


I’m putting them up here on the board where you can see them… I know you are just learning… and some of these are new to you…


The shape you draw may be a circle… square… rectangle

k10461886… triangle k10462425… oval k0375943 … diamond… star… trapezoid… hexagon k0375942

Now add another shape anywhere you want… But, it has to be different…


Are you using all of the colors you chose?…

Add another shape… Why not connect this one to one of the shapes you have already drawn…

Another shape pleaseu24557451

… add another one…

I don’t care which one…u13956570

Color in a few of the shapes quickly…

We are down to 3 minutes… k11911582

The last 3 shapes you haven’t added are next…

Did you make something you know?…

or did you just make a design?… k11950201

Finish adding whatever you want in the last minute… k0542164

with any of the colors you chose…

Ok… STOP!… Time is up!…

Do you like what you made?…

Did you use your favorite color a lot?… k0102760

Did you follow the directions?…

Our lesson is complete!… k7882734 We have learned about shapes and colors… and you have something very  pretty made just by you…

This is the one I made…



No one will ever have one just like yours… Isn’t that amazing!…

You all were tremendous!…

You should be proud!… k10169074

“Determined to Learn!”


It’s funny… I had a dream last night about my blogging  I was saying I wanted to publish it… the writings about “My Kids”… Not my kids per say… but the kids I worked with for so long… my “Special” kids … I guess you could say this is at the top of myBucket List“… I look at dreams sometimes like answers to my uttermost desires , needs and wants… “God like” They seem real with the answers I get sometimes… This time I got the message that there are different ways to getting something published… Maybe blogging my past blog with a new title or new look… Who knows?… I hear “There’s different ways of doing things!” so clear… I told you it was a dream , but I keep going over it in my mind… I will take the time to address this issue more… Pursue avenues I haven’t even thought of… We’ll see… I do know as I was trying to text today  … my son said, “I guess that’s your new thing!”… Isn’t it wonderful that he noticed!… that I pursue new things every day… try new things every day… I will grow until I die… There’s so much in this world… We have to try to reach a few goals that will make our lives fulfilled…complete… Sometimes I almost bust with the desire to learn new things… So instead of bursting … I will attempt to fill my heart and soul with all I can… I only wish I had these feelings earlier in life… but, no regrets from me!… that would be such a waste of time … Today is now and the hope of a tomorrow will keep me determined! …and I will add to my “Bucket List”  I’m sure!