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I have been known to feel loneliness  at times… I don’t know how… because I’m actually never alone… Living with my husband and son… there is not much time for me to be alone… Probably, while I love blogging  so much… It is time for “me”   I read a blog the other day of how when we write… we  are learning about ourselves …So true!… I feel more acute to my wants, desires, needs and feelings than ever before… I actually don’t need to feel loneliness  ever… “Why?, you ask… because I have the Lord as my friend and companion constantly… As I have said, “You do need to talk to him!” Have Him know He is a part of your life!… and so I do… more and more.


Loneliness…a type of despair-

Listen to me!-

Does anyone care?-

Yes…I do believe “He”-

Cares for me.

“He” listens to my pain-

My sadness and my grief-

“He” gives me hope to sustain-

Also much relief-

Through the gift, of belief.

Belief in “Him”-

Who loves me so-

Keeping me from the rim-

Of darkness, so low-

Sorrow and woe!

If no one else sees-

The loneliness of old-

I tell you “He’s”

There… not being told-

“His” love is never cold!

It’s wonderfully warm-

Enveloping me-

Keeping me from harm-

Always just-

“He” feels it’s a must!

By: Marilyn Kay Griffin – July 8, 1983 – mkg