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“PJ Day”

I hate to say it but, it is 12:30pm and I’m still in my pajamas ...I have found I do better work around the house dressed this way…My house has been straightened and cleaned Dishes are done …Everything is presentable!…I have prepared a few food items  for later…We’ve all had a bite to eat for breakfast… I’ve talked on the phone … Folded some laundry …I’ve checked my email and started writing my blog … Now, I will get a shower, get dressed for the day, do my hair and continue on…I presume I have to be comfortable when doing housework …I know if I get up and get dressed early, I’m usually ready to get out and go somewhere …Then my house is the last thing on my mind…Are there others out there with this habit??? Let me know!

“My Kids!”…

Around Halloween we used to have dress up day at school…There were clowns , ghosts, Dracula‘s, witches , cartoon characters, army guys, cheerleaders , etc. …but, there were always a lot of girls dressed in their PJ’s …pretending to be babies with pacifiers …Their hair in pigtails with pretty bows…Fuzzy house slippers adorning their feet …carrying a Teddy Bear or Baby Doll …They were all giggling…enjoying their day in their pajamas I imagine they felt “comfortable”…but, I wonder if they got as much work done on those days as I do when I clean my house? …I wish I had asked their teachers…but, my mind says, “I doubt it!”