After losing my husband Bobby. I was a mess.

Still have a few meltdowns which I call them.

The missing and loss is horrific.

I have literally pushed myself through this past year.

It has been 1 year – 6 months.

On the day I was lead to write this it was raining and temperatures were going to drop to freezing.

My biggest help I have found when grieving is to put your hand in God’s and hold tight…

Surround yourself with people with a Love for Jesus.

Positive, loving thoughts will encompass you.

Many touches in the form of hugs and kisses.

People told me to keep busy.

“Busy” became a word I hated.

With “widow” right behind.

Every Holiday was a challenge.

Every “couple” was a curse to me.

I still wanted that.

I wasn’t through being my Bobby’s wife.

I was alone with myself and my old cat of 18 years.


So what happens…

I had to have her put down due to cancer related issues.

Grieving another love about got the best of me!

After a month I checked out the Humane Society through a

pet store near me.


“JUST LOOKING” of course.

This little face of 4 months old looked into my eyes.

And I looked back. We needed each other.

So I adopted this little Black Furry Kitty.


Decided on a “boy” name of Chase.

He responded immediately to living with me.

They had said, “He’s “busy” and full of energy!”.

Ironic that that word was used.

Just what I needed!

“busy” was a wonderful word now!

I saw God smile at that moment!

And as this little black furry creature climbed into my arms with sandpaper kisses and paw touches on my face,

I knew immediately my prayers were being answered.

A spark was lit inside me.

My heart was trying to heal with God presenting me with my new Love.

A total God Moment as I call it!

Such a loving way that only can come from our Lord.

As I look back since I joined the small church that God lead me to.

I see the wonders of His Touch just like Chase’s with his small furry paws.

Cardinal Hill Baptist Church which is entwined with the most caring people reached their hands out to me with such love..

I have begun to feel Peace.

I am learning more and more of God’s way through His Word and teachings of people with the Healing of Christ in them.

I am healing.

Learning what real “touch” is.

The touch of a loving Father.

The touch of a Given Son.

The touch of a Holy Spirit that I can call on and reach out to when in need.

I try to reach out before I’m in need.

I want the love of God in me as I go through each day.

A preparedness of a Living God residing in me.

Thank you Jesus for my healing progress.

In small baby steps and stages where I can keep the lessons within me.

Both Chase and myself have the beginnings of a new life.

New selves.

I will never be the same person again.

but, a new person with Christ is so wonderful.

Chase feels it too.



8 thoughts on ““Chase”

  1. Good stuff Marilyn! Glad to see you following the tiny little crumb path that will slowly take you out of grief and back into the sunlight. Sending you warmth and a bit of cheer during this Christmas season.

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