Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Daily Prompt: Through the Window/ The Daily Post


Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

I hear something… What is it??? … Maybe a bird k6060630 maybe a squirrel???

I jump upon my little stool placed right by the window… it was Bobby’s idea… and Marilyn made the soft red cover for it…

They make feel like a princess!…

I look out and view the front yard… I sit for about a minute… maybe more…


The sky is gray today… Very warm I can tell… because the kids have been out playing a lot today… Rain will soon be coming in… A storm maybe… and that’s when I will run to the basement…

The birds are quiet… like they know they better head for shelter… Usually they sit up in that big tree right outside the window… enticing me with their Tweets… and those pesky squirrels jumping from limb to limb… They are so relentless in their search for a nut hidden in the ground months before 75px-Blacksquirrelrevdigging with their paws…

The grass is green in spots… not having completely died for the winter… The sidewalk…  sometimes walked by Chewy the Dachshund dog Short-haired-Dachshund that lives next door..

He’s the reason I would rather just sit in here and look outside the window…. He barks and barks and just makes me a nervous wreck


There’s a bush right in front of my view… but, I still enjoy looking out… Sometimes that pretty black cat with white patches sits right on the ground in front of me… looking up and meowing… I have to act like I don’t want him there… This is my Master’s house… and mine!… But, actually as I paw at the window and meow I think he thinks I’m flirting

I’m not too old to dream…k1029721

I am getting up in age… 12 years old for a cat is pretty old… I think human’s call themselves Seniors… What would you call a cat that has reached her age of just wanting to sleepeat my favorite Meow Mix… get petted and combed… and sometimes even sneaking in at night to sleep over Marilyn’s head… I’ll have to think of that while I sit here… and just look and see if anything new passes by my window

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Through the Window

  1. What a wonderful post! Love the POV with your cat! Thank you also for stopping by and linking my post on this subject. Regards!

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