My Senses Are Being Tantalized!

My senses are aware of the coming change of seasons..



I feel the cooler airtouch of a warm sweater


I smell the smoke from burning wood in our fire pitCinnamon wafting in air from hot cider…


I see the leaves slowly starting to let loose of the branches of the trees… colors changing to yellow… orange and red…k7508174


Children heard outdoors… trying to get in those last moments of playing outdoors… cooler wind picking up and blowing the leaves across the lawn…


Tasting that first piece of pumpkin piek2751744

The flowers are dieing… Their last blooms looking spindly…

The fields are turning brown and golden

k2567598                  k10755596

Apples, Pumpkins and Dried Indian Corn tied together…

Gourds to decorate with…

Beautiful Mums in shades of orange, yellow, sienna, some almost a burgundy color…k15555818

My anticipation of Autumn is…

Going to Fall Festivals…

Cooking more soups / chilis…

Baking more…

Sipping hot chocolate and apple ciderCider-Mulled

Pumpkin… cinnamon… apple smells…

Leaves rustling underfoot…ap01h024

Crisp cool air

Baking Pumpkin Seeds

Stores full of Holiday decorations and ideas…

Sun setting earlier… and rising later…

Yes!… my senses are aware of the changes being made… and I intend to enjoy …

Before another Season starts tantalizing my senses… u30073592


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