#FWF Free Write Friday: Trust

Here is your FWF prompt:            fwf kellie elmore badge


by: Marilyn Griffin

Reliable … Trusting that person is what he says… Believable…

Good … Trusting that person is clean in heart… Pure…

Confident … Trusting that person is the one you can believe in… Faithful…

Honest … Trusting that person is the one you can give your all to… Loving…

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7 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday: Trust

  1. I had a special person like that once. It seems that sometimes you never know how easy it is to TRUST and then before you know it that special trust is gone and it needs to be found in others. Special trusting people are a real Treasure and when you find one be sure and let them know that those TRUST TALENTS are so very special and you love them each and every time the TRUST is there.

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