Daily Prompt: Trading Places

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the
opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?

Me a man???… NO WAY!…


I’ve watched and been with my Dad and husbandI see how hard it is!…

We depend on them for so many things…

I watched my Dad get up every morning k11116764 … for so many years… not missing a day of work… because he had to feed, clothe, entertain and care for us mentally and physically

My Dad…by himself… built two homes for us hs01p008 … and I don’t mean paid for it to be built…

He put every nail , screw, board, shingle, plumbing, electricity, water, windows… into these homes literally by himself… k10310793

He worked from sunup u10591574 to sundown every day to achieve his goals…

Hard labor… and I’m sure at times mentally exhausting!…

Besides doing this… he worked as a wallpaper hanger… Climbing a ladder every day… carrying heavy tools and bundles…  k8051072 having to please people… keeping his tools ready for each new job…

I imagine he got frustrated… was so tired… but, continued to get up every day  to meet what the day brought…

and I’ll always remember his great smile  cof0713 he showed to all around him…

I would like to know how you could have so much strength… so much pride… so much determination… because this is what I saw in my Dad!

My husband… had the same work ethics… Providing two homes  k9572272 for his family also…

Not building them… but, taking care of them…

Painting, doing electrical work, doing plumbing, laying floors, fixing appliances,  bon0756hauling and shoveling dirt , gravel etc. to make our yard beautiful…TOCL0116

climbing trees to trim them…

Digging holes and putting up fence bon0805 Climbing on the roof to clean out gutters k7765573…even roofing our home…k7765435

Fixing any of our car problems x11850362 … Keeping things in running order and ship shape …


I learned to lean on him so much…

and besides… holding a job as a heavy equipment and forklift mechanick8675174

Laying under trucks in rain, snow and freezing temperatures… to get them fixed…

and in the hot summers on pavement that was so hot it melted his tools into the asphalt

Do I want to be a man and have these responsibilities… No way!

I would like to know what it’s like to have such stamina… such a will… such love

I’ve always said, “I’ll keep my position”… knowing I also have lots of responsibilities… but, the physical part and their kind of  responsibilities weigh far too much for these shoulders… k5980268

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Trading Places

  1. This blog is amazing, so much attention to detail, I love the look of it and I like the sound of those wonderful men in your life too :)

  2. What a lovely dad and a lovely post. Brought back some of my own memories for me. Whenever something needed to be done my children used to say about my dad – grandad will fix it.

  3. Oh, if only there were more genuine American citizens like your dad and also like your husband! Taking care of themselves, taking care of their own — without handouts. Because they wanted to, had goals, and knew how to achieve them. True heroes. Great post, Marilyn.

  4. Your dad was a good man and it sounds like your husband it too. I live on my own, so all responsibility lies with me to do everything I can to look after myself. I don’t rely on any man although my dad is fantastic at taking care of my mum and helps me out with taking me shopping on the rare occasion. As I have Fibromyalgia it can be very challenging to look after myself because of the pain.

  5. I agree, I wouldn’t want to change roles/places! I am happy to be a woman, wife, mom, grand mom. Sounds like you have had two great men in your life. I’ll bet they would return the compliment! ~ Sheila

  6. happy 2 b me…wow, your dad was an awesome person! no wonder you found a good hubby…your dad set the example. :)
    happy blessed Easter, Marilyn. ☼sunHUGS!

  7. Your Dad sounds awesome and your Hubby likewise. You obviously found a man as good as your Dad. I love the style of your blog – as I have said before but it bears repeating!

    All the best to you both! :)

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